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Oh Johnny!

Mimi Alford, now a sixty-nine year old grandmother, has written a tell all book in which she reveals that as a nineteen year old intern in the White House in 1962, President Kennedy took her to the living quarters and removed her virginity, and that the affair continued until his death in Dallas in 1963. Miss Alford also reveals that Kennedy wanted her to give oral sex to his friends while he watched, and she did. What Miss Alford did not say in the book was that while she was giving head to JFK’s friends, she always hummed a few bars of that 1939 hit Oh Johnny, by Wee Bonnie Baker and Orrin Tucker and his orchestra.



Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, how you can love

Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, heavens above

You make my sad heart jump with joy

‘Cause when I’m done with Dave I’ll

Get right on to any other

Friend that you might have, just sitting around

Who needs relaxing like you do

You’re so handsome, it’s true

That when I’m doing you

I’m so oh Johnny, oh Johnny, oh