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It’s A Liberal World

Is there a difference between a conservative newspaper like Rupert Murdoch’s The News Of The World and Wikileaks? The NOTW invaded peoples’ privacy by hacking the phones of government officials, all in the interest of getting a story. Wikileaks, on the other hand, invaded the privacy of people by printing the private conversations of heads of state and other government officials, all in the interest of embarrassing and compromising the security of the United States. So why is Rupert Murdoch portrayed in the press as a villain and Julian Assange treated as a hero? The answer is Julian Assange is an America hating lefty and Murdoch is an America admiring conservative, so naturally, to the left wing press, Assange is a hero and Murdoch a villain.



I asked a friend, a liberal guy

Was one a journo, one a spy

It seemed to me that they were both the same

He smiled and said that’s just the way

In politics it is today

It’s how we lefties always play the game

You see, he said, with winning smile

We laugh at you for all the while

You think that life is just one big fair shake

But our side now is always right

While your side spends each sleepless night

Just wondering when you will catch a break

You’re always wrong in what you do

You’re wrong in thought and action too

We own the papers and the big TVs

We tell the people what to think

We tell them when to breathe and blink

And let me tell you, we are quite at ease


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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who attracted little attention until he stumbled on the anti-American line so popular with the global Left, is now under house arrest in Britain, holing up in the mansion of a leftist friend, the sort of friends Assange is at pains now to disavow, and they him, for his days of usefulness to the Left are drawing to a close. His Swedish paramour, a lefty who offered him her apartment and her bed, which he accepted, and who is now charging him with rape, under the leftist reasoning that anything a Lefty woman says is rape is by definition rape, even if she not only consented to the sex but initiated it. And so Assange finds himself on the outside looking in, his sometime Lefty friends no longer caring for him as much as they once did.   



Sverige’s mostly cold and dreary

Drinkers’ eyes bright red and bleary

Women’s  dreams both sharp and eerie

Baltic winter blues

Into this place Assange did wander

A woman who was more than fonder

Now leaves him with so much to ponder

Now with much to lose

Found his anti-Yank work paid more

Found his anti-Yank work made more

Friends and women who now laid more

Flowers on his shoes

Is there now a further story

Is there more to Assange’s glory

Where is now his Swedish houri

Now that he’s old news


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