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Network Snakes

Journalists, generally speaking, are snakes speaking with forked tongues. The media, by and large, is a handmaiden of the Democratic party, relating as news the lies and slanders of the Democrat talking points. They are taught how to be snakes in journalism schools, and those who learn well get well paying jobs with the national papers and television networks.



When graduating from a school

Of journalism now,

The graduate full knows just what it takes

To get ahead in the profession

 Profs have shown him how

To get along with all the other snakes

The snake takes all the facts at hand

And weighs them on his scales

And then with forked tongue smiles them off to us

Believing as he does that we

Will swallow all his tales

And join him as he throws us off the bus

The quarry in his eyesight is

Republican of course

The snake knows how to plant the story well

Insinuation, slander and

Of course the unnamed source

The snake has many stories he can tell

What we need is a mongoose

Who will shake the snake to death

Restoring fair and balance to the news

The time will come when this will happen

Just don’t hold your breath

The snake is wily and won’t change his views


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Action News

Occupy Wall Street has captured the imagination of the liberal media, who just adore violent lefty crowds, love their energy, their purpose, love the fun, the drums, the stink, the girls. Not to put too fine a point on it, radical leftist crowds demanding the destruction of the United States has a certain charm for the liberal media.



Action News is on the job!

We’re televising now the mob

You see before you as we speak

The signs, the shouts, it leaves me weak

To see the courage of these youths

A hundred thousand John Wilkes Booths

There go the storefronts, smashed to bits

The clubs, the fists, the brutal hits

The cars alight! The blazes fierce

The shots, the screams as rockets pierce

The upper floors of buildings grand

The Guard can’t gain the upper hand

It’s all a mess! The flags are out!

The White House Now! the youths all shout!

But now our sponsor with a word

About a product you have heard

Will cure you of your earthly ills

It comes in liquid or in pills

And so we leave you with the thought

That while the times are clearly fraught

With danger, we must not abuse

The mob. Goodnight from Action News


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