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The Trap

It has been some weeks since the Libyan rebels announced they had surrounded Khaddafi and his loyalists, yet the war, if it can be described so, goes on. Have the rebels been sucked into a trap? Have Khaddafy’s  loyalists, determining they could not operate in the open because of Nato air attack, pulled the old fall back in retreat, drawing the enemy into a trap where they will be impaled on the loyalist armor? It is too soon to tell, but the strategy is as old as warfare itself.



The Golden Horde

Under its lord

The great one Genghis Khan

Would turn and run

And then the fun

Began for Russ and Han

The crescent wings

With stout bow strings

Would circle round the foe

They’d close the gap

And then the trap

Would lay the foemen low

And so it is

That soda fizz

Escapes its prison home

And gives a shout

As bubbling out

Khaddafy henchmen roam

The city streets

Until one meets

The rebel Berber host

Who lightly armed

Are greatly harmed

Despite Obama’s boast

That he has won

And that the sun

On Austerlitz doth shine

And by his wiles

Khaddafy smiles

And says this land’s still mine


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The Laughing Mob

The American media is ecstatic. Obama has triumphed! Khaddafy is gone. But what is next? Will Libya become a Western style democracy or will it be taken over by radical Islam? To ask the question is to answer it. The only hope is that Libya becomes an Italian or French protectorate, and even then it is doubtful the Europeans will fight to retain power even if given. I see no happily ever after ending here. It is, we must remember, the Middle East, where cheering crowds and laughing mobs are instantly stilled. Of course, it isn’t over just because Obama says it’s over. Khaddafy may have a trick or two up his sleeve even yet. Stay tuned.



The cheering crowd, the laughing mob

How happy they all seem

Just look at me, I’ve done the job

It seems but just a dream

But cheering crowds bring in their wake

The stony, hard faced men

Who know the war was for their sake

And who will rule, and then

The flags are green, the crescent gold

The Prophet he has come

They’ll tell the mob do as you’re told

The game is zero sum

They’ll laugh and say that with the light

You’ll see what we have done

The world will see a fearsome sight

The Mahdi’s army won


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