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A global warming skeptic has identified a possible reason for the slight increase in temperature as reported by land based reporting stations. It seems that in addition to these little bird house-like reporting stations that were once in open fields and are now in shopping mall parking lots and other heat sinks as the countryside has grown up around them, the stations, which once were whitewashed, are now painted, and it is claimed that investigation has shown that a painted station records a higher temperature than a whitewashed station. Of course the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association disputes the data, claiming that they are right and anyone who says they are not are nut cases, even though thousands of volunteers spent many years collecting the data. But a greater question than the truth or falsity of global warming is, why did they change from whitewash to paint when Washington has always had an unlimited supply of whitewash.      



Where once was whitewash now is paint

The reasoning’s before us

Whenever there is voiced complaint

The governmental chorus

Will shout Not So! Your data’s wrong

And e’en should they admit it

You get the ripe old dance and song

Before you can submit it

Investigations make them blush

They’re often caught red-handed

Then out will come the whitewash brush

Then smile and claim they’re candid

They’re never wrong, they tell no lie

And therein lies the reason

That whitewash is in short supply
It’s always whitewash season