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Our Faithful Allies

Osama bin Laden was hiding in plain sight in Pakistan, in a mansion built for him by the Pakistani Intelligence Service, the ISI, about thirty miles north of the capital city of Islamabad, next to the Pakistan Military Academy, in a neighborhood populated by retired Pakistani military officers, this all the while the Pakistani government was vehemently denying they knew where he was, and were, moreover, actively looking for him. The question is, why now?  Why now have the Pakis given up a man they have hidden for so many years? Was there a quid pro quo? Did we finally make them an offer they couldn’t refuse? This story does not end with the death of Osama bin Laden.



Suggesting that the Paki

Are disloyal is so tacky

That it angers some to hear such claims be made

They have been our allies faithful

To deny it is disgraithful

And I’m here to see those lies to rest be laid

Yes they built for him a mansion

Ten foot walls and every stanchion

Built of concrete steel and bullet proofed to boot

They protected him and hid him

While the ISI did bid him

Do the dirty work while telling us that, shoot

They were looking for him also

Which we all knew well was false so

Just whose fault is it that he has lived this long

Yes good allies are the Paki

And bin Laden was their lackey

Why they turned him in will take another song


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Afghan Flyby

Pictures of the CIA’s latest drone flying in daylight over Afghanistan has raised some serious questions. Why was this top secret airplane flying in daylight and at low altitude for everyone to see and photograph? Did President Obama deliberately and with forethought expose an indispensable CIA asset that caught top level Al Qaeda in places they thought they were safe? Did he do it to mollify Pakistan’s ISI, who objected to our taking out high value targets? Or did he do it to ingratiate himself with the Taliban who he rightly believes will resume power in Afghanistan after he leaves? The evidence that he deliberately dropped a dime on the CIA’s wonder UAV is unclear, but who else had the authority or motive, the motive being what has driven his foreign policy since taking office, which is to be nice to our enemies in the hope they will one day embrace Barack Obama in return.  



And now it seems Barack Hussein

Has stepped into the brambles

His humble bowing now in vain

His policy a shambles

He showed the Paks our UAV

That caught Al Qaeda big shots

In daylight for the world to see

Just setting up for MiG shots

One wonders what Obama thinks

When lying late abed

I fear when crisis comes he blinks

And we will all be dead