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The Jooooz

The Palestinians have asked the UN to grant them statehood, though they firmly refuse to agree not to kill all the Jews. My Arab friend Ahmed explained the Middle East to me.



Now here’s the news

It seems the Jooooz

Have stolen all the money

And turned to sand

All Arab land

Where once flowed milk and honey

So let us get

Rid of them yet

And we’ll be rich as Croesus

When Jooooz are gone

We’ll see the dawn

And maybe embrace Jesus

Oh yes we’ll change

We’ll rearrange

The manner of our living

We’ll make amends

We’ll all be friends

But Jooooz we’re not forgiving


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Playing With Fire

The muslims continue to play with fire. Iran has announced it was ready to test a nuclear device. Turkey says it will ship arms to the Palestinians in Gaza and defies Israel to stop them. Assad sends armed civilians to storm the fences at the Israeli border, causing the Israeli to open fire, all to inflame the likes of the New York Times, which is anti-Israel to begin with. And so the Arabs and Iranians continue to poke sticks in the eyes of the West and Israel, knowing that for the moment at least it is quite safe to do. But it will not always be quite so safe. There always comes a time when a stick in the eye is finally responded to, and when the response comes it will be more than a stick in a muslim eye. It will be a stake in the muslim heart. And they do not seem to understand that playing with fire is dangerous.



The child is told that fire burns

The lesson stressed until he learns

But some kids never get it right

They’re drawn to flame, the burning light

They play with fire, it’s a game

And if they lose it’s all the same

There are kids living on our block

Who play the game around the clock

Assad for one, the mullahs too

Who poke their sticks, annoy the Jew

They strut and shout they’ll kill us all

And turn life to a darkened pall

We tell them we want only peace

We tell them that their games must cease

But they do not, and so they’ll learn

That games with fire means they’ll burn



Same Day, Different Rage

The Israelis are restoring an ancient synagogue deliberately destroyed by the Jordanians during the 1948 war of Independence. The synagogue is in the Jewish part of Jerusalem, part of the State of Israel, where the government of Israel has every legal right to build or restore a synagogue or anything else. Naturally, the Palestinians called for a Day of Rage to protest this insult to Islam. Ho hum. Another day of rage, another day of killing Jews, another day of setting fire to cars and buildings. Why do the Palestinians act this way? Because they know the Israelis are a civilized people and will not kill them. The Romans would have taken only so much and then would have killed all the men and sold the women and children into slavery. But the Palestinians are safe. They know the Jews will never do to them what they will do to the Jews if they ever get the chance.



Another day, another rage

It’s what the Palis do

You’d think that they would turn the page

And get a job or two

Instead they hang around all day

And mutter, gripe and whine

They think if Jews just go away

Then everything’d be fine

You say to them if Israel

Just left they’d not get fed

There’d be no work and this way will

Not work, but in their head

They think when someone kills the Jews

Then money will flow in

And everyone will get to choose

Whose house he will go in

Which Jewish business he will own

Whose car he’d like to drive

With Jewish riches they’ll have shown

The world that those who strive

To make the good life for themselves

To earn an honest wage

By grabbing stuff from off the shelves

All got by days of rage