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The Children’s Crusade

Peggy Noonan describes the current Obama administration and the current national political scene as a disaster for the country, and sees clearly that the problem is that our leaders are, in her words, “callous children”, children of privilege, children who have never witnessed or felt the dark side of life, and who have no idea how to fix the problems we now have. The Children’s Crusade that culminated in the election of an unknown, unprepared, and supremely unqualified Barack Obama to the presidency, is now running the country over a cliff. Peggy Noonan joined the Obama Children’s Crusade and followed the Pied Piper, reveling in His promises for a better world, a world in which there were no enemies, only friends we have not yet kissed and fondled.



Come children, my children, let’s go on Crusade

To make the world better by far

Than it’s been these past years of Bush’s charade

Come follow the Obama star

Yes that was the cry back in twenty oh eight

A long time ago now it seems

A time so long past only history can state

They found that those long vanished dreams

Have long turned to dust and to memories gone

The Crusade a horrible joke

They went to sleep happy but coming of dawn

Showed the world was not quite yet ein volk

The children soon saw that the Crusade they’d found

And followed Messiah to Rome

And boarded the ships that were Holy Land bound

Soon found they would never come home

So now they write columns and ring dainty hands

Exclaiming how misunderstood

They now are for joining the Crusader bands

Determined to do the world good

And how all their dreams for Obama have crashed

Collapsing like dust in the wind

Their dreams for a better world ravaged and dashed

Forgive me dear Lord for I’ve sinned



The Fall

As of this writing Rasmussen shows President Obama’s job approval rating at 49% approve, 51% disapprove, down from the high 60s approval rating just a few short weeks ago. RealClearPolitics poll average for Right Track/Wrong Track now shows 36.5% of the people think the country is on the right track, while 55.7% believe the country is on the wrong track. These numbers indicate there is still a chance the country may not be blindly following the Pied Piper down the road to socialist destruction so desired by President Obama and the radical left. The public seems to be rejecting the notion that prosperity will come with gargantuan deficits as far as the eye can see, that crippling the economy with a punitive and completely unnecessary carbon tax is a wise thing to do, that destroying the finest health care system the world has ever known is an exercise in rational behavior, and rewarding unions with billions of taxpayer dollars will stimulate the economy. We have three more years of President Obama, but there is hope now that the country may live.



The time of the Fall

Is apparent to all

It comes when the people perceive

That the God that they took

For divine is a crook

And that’s when they no longer believe

When the MSM turns

And the vast public learns

The Messiah has feet built of clay

They will spurn him no doubt

And demand he be out

And his whole crew of clowns on their way

But of course we all know

That we can’t make him go

Till his time left in office is done

He will still be our prez

No matter who says

That the country must shed of the One

Yes that’s right girls and boys

Though I know it annoys

All of us to know that’s understood

We can only just pray

That we live till the day

That he’s turned out of office for good