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In The Shadows

Obama says his health care plan offers a public option, whereby anyone who wishes to keep his current health care plan may do so. This is a Trojan horse, and everyone knows it. Barney Frank has stated publicly that the public option is a necessary first step toward a single payer system, the single payer, of course, being the government. The whole thing is a shadow play. Barney Frank knows, and we know, that the public option insurance companies will soon be driven out of the health care coverage business by a government run insurance company. The liberals are hoping to fool us with sweet-talking reasonableness, but we know them. They lurk in the shadows. They will never cease their attempts to turn the United States into their vision of utopia, a socialist state with them in charge. Only we can stop them.



In the shadows, in the dark

They lurk in hidden mist

They know that we’re the redneck mark

They know they’ve got the fist

And when by chance they’re in the light

And somehow truth they speak

We see at once that we were right

Their purpose is to sneak

Their socialist agenda on

Us unsuspecting slobs

Who will not know that freedom’s gone

Along with all our jobs

But 2010 will soon be here

And with it a new day

We’ll sweep the bastards never fear

And see them on their way