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Opthalmology 101

Assad the son, ruler of the failed state of Syria, a doctor of ophthalmology, ruthlessly stamps out dissent, all the while dreaming grand dreams of a greater Syria destroying the vile little state of Israel. You would think an eye doctor would know when his eyes were bigger than his army has a stomach for.



The eye man sits me in a chair

And says what do you see

I squint and squirm and then I stare

Then say I see an E

He smiles and says it looks like one

It really is a U

And while clear vision you have none

You’re good to kill a Jew

They sent me to the Golan Heights

And told me to be still

Israeli creep up in the nights

And try to take our hill

While in Damascus Assad sits

And dreams of conquest grand

Of screaming jets and tank led blitz

All going well as planned

At dawn we marched right down the hill

So proud to be at war

Israeli lines seemed oh so still

We’ve seen this all before

And then a flash, a roar, a blast

As bombs and bullets fly

I shout and run, the die is cast

Our missiles fill the sky

Then brighter than the brightest sun

The flash, then mushroom clouds

And when they settled it was done

They’d stilled the cheering crowds

I stumbled home to dead Assad

To rubbled burnt out towns

Damascus gone as well Riyadh

No more the Arab crowns

Teheran now gone and in its wake

The Turk sweeps up the prize

All gone, all gone for Assad’s sake

He should have stuck to eyes


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The Seeders Of Lebanon

Lebanon is careening toward civil war again, this time between muslim factions, Iranian backed Hezbollah and a Syrian backed militia called Al-Abash. Street fighting is taking place as Syria attempts to regain control of Lebanon, taken over by Iran and Hezbollah a few years ago. But there is more at stake here than Lebanon. Syria is showing it is back in the game, and is the Sunni regional power that all other Sunni states in the region can rally around as Iran flexes its muscles. With the Obama administration committed to surrender, the region is trembling, waiting for the match to light the fuse. The seeds of war have been sown, and will very soon be reaped.



In Lebanon street battles rage

As Hezbollah exits the stage

And Syria resumes control

And Sunni gangs now do patrol

The very streets the Shiites thought

Were theirs and so they were distraught

To find themselves again at war

With Sunnis who would like the score

To be reversed to favor them

But who will rule that little gem?

The seeds of war are sprouting fast

The wakeful know the die is cast