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We Got Worries

The Middle East is entering a new and dangerous phase, as violence erupts anew between Sunni and Shi’a, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, with Egypt, potentially the most powerful of the Arab states, sitting on the sidelines until the Arab Brotherhood assumes full control. The West in general and the United States in particular, have not a clue how to go about resolving these worries and troubles.



Trouble and worry, worry and trouble

Nervousness mounts as uncertainties double

The bright Arab Spring is now turned to drab Fall

As over the region there hovers a pall

The clouds that were gray are now deepest of black

As Sunni and Shi’a gird for the attack

The hatred is not from the Koran each reads

Though hatred is surely what springs from it’s seeds

It’s power each seeks over others to rule

That leads to the smothering brothering duel

Israelis are sanding the decks as we speak

And blowing their matches, the flag at the peak

Assad swings the axe but continues to slip

As Hamas creeps quietly off to the Strip

Yes something is coming, it is felt in the air

And when sand turns to glass I for one will not care


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