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Count von Zeppelin flies again. The Department of Defense is sending drones to Afghanistan that can take pictures of an area half the size of Manhattan.  Airships that stay aloft for weeks, taking full color panoramic 3D pictures of vast expanses of trackless waste, all without human intervention.  Or maybe it’s more Jules Verne than Count von Zeppelin.  Or maybe James Thurber and his immortal Walter Mitty, captaining the giant airship in his daydreaming imagination.



In the Thirties we had Thurber

Not to mention Edna Thurber

Walter Mitty had his dreams but don’t we all

Mitty’s daydreams were fantastic

Always fanciful, elastic

Flying zeppelins to foreign ports of call

Now we don’t need Walter Mitty

We can photograph a city

Seeing cars collide and people come and go

Watching vendors on the corners

Tracking down illegal forners

Just downloading it would make a TV show

So no w thanks to old James Thurber

We can spy upon our nerber

And we don’t need goofy guys like Walter Mitty

We’ve got airships now we’re riding

Leaving us no place for hiding

When they turn on us they’re showing us no pity

Yes right now I know they’re after

If you please just hold the laughter

Guys in robes and turbans hiding in the bush

But with cameras this pervasive

The Feds will be more invasive

Is Obama testing in the Hindu Kush?

Is the TSA on order

To fly Gorgon on the border

Keeping track of where you are and where you’ve been?

Is a fence the next big issue

‘Round each city lest they miss you

Fences not to keep them out but keep you in


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Real Men, Real Women

John Boot in Pajamas Media asks why women love a TV drama called Mad Men, set in the 60s before radical feminism and political correctness changed what the culture thought of “he-men”. The answer might be that women love the bad-boy lead character because they have always loved the bad-boy, always loved the guy with the hairy chest, always loved the guy who slapped them around. Political correctness may play in the lefty media and culture, but real women have always loved real men, and always will.



Pocketa pocketa pocketa

The mighty airship sang

Sailing free and fearsome in the sky

Below him Walter Mitty saw

The fleeing pirate gang

Led across the bay by Captain Bligh

The bomb bay doors flung open then

The airship lurched and breached

The bomb fell clean upon the men

As seagulls flapped and screeched

Where have they gone these mighty men

Have airships disappeared?

Do pirates now use GPS

Are Zulu foes still speared?

We haven’t gone, we’re here to stay

Though they may curse our likes

We still work hard, and women play

Behind us on our bikes