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The Red And The Black

The greatest disaster of the Twentieth Century was World War 1, a war that saw entire generations of young men die for no discernible reason, a war that saw the end of European civilization and the end of five empires, a war that saw the rise of Hitler and Stalin, and the bloodbath of World War 2, from which the world has not as yet recovered. Yet it is always fascinating to wonder what would have happened had Hitler won his war against Stalin. What we do know is that millions of men died for two of the worst evils ever to befall humanity, Communism and Naziism.



Still dark on the morning of 22 June

The guns lit the sky with false dawn

And men in feldgrau singing gaily marched east

As the black met the red daggers drawn

They died by the millions for what you may ask

Beyond the sheer will of the men

Who set them afoot in the land of the dead

And would, if we let them, again

The red and the black both are dead and are gone

No memories are there for the young

The nations they died for are dim in the mists

And only the sad songs are sung


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Seventy Years Ago

Everyone believes World War 2 was won in May and August 1945, but they are wrong. World War 2 was won on 28 May, 1940, when Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivered the greatest speech of his career, persuading the War Cabinet that Britain must continue the fight against Hitler regardless of cost. That speech won World War 2, for it is difficult to see how the war could have been won without England as an unsinkable aircraft carrier and base for the invasion. Lord Halifax and others were all for making peace with Hitler, but Churchill alone saw the impossibility of living with such a peace. How difficult it would be for Churchill to return these seventy years later and see the sad state of the Britain he led so proudly, the sad state of a weakling and truckling under to a ragtag third world Islam West that defied Hitler and later Stalin. He would not recognize the place.



One now gets the sense

These many years hence

That Churchill, were he to return

Would not know the place

But show a brave face

With nary a frown to discern

But deep down inside

He’d know there’s no pride

In Britain like he surely had

The Muslims now cry

All the gentiles must die

And the burqua the latest new fad

Politicians vote no

On the army and so

With the ships and the planes put to rest

The country he left

Is now weak and bereft

Of the means to meet any new test

The Britain he knew

The proud and the few

Is gone, and would leave him quite sad

But his mood would not sour

He’d had his finest hour

And he’d scowl and say Damn but I’m mad!

Then he’d chomp his cigar

Seeing now just how far

His country had managed to fall

Then he’d walk with a sigh

Wave a grateful goodbye

To the men who had given their all