The Red And The Black

The greatest disaster of the Twentieth Century was World War 1, a war that saw entire generations of young men die for no discernible reason, a war that saw the end of European civilization and the end of five empires, a war that saw the rise of Hitler and Stalin, and the bloodbath of World War 2, from which the world has not as yet recovered. Yet it is always fascinating to wonder what would have happened had Hitler won his war against Stalin. What we do know is that millions of men died for two of the worst evils ever to befall humanity, Communism and Naziism.



Still dark on the morning of 22 June

The guns lit the sky with false dawn

And men in feldgrau singing gaily marched east

As the black met the red daggers drawn

They died by the millions for what you may ask

Beyond the sheer will of the men

Who set them afoot in the land of the dead

And would, if we let them, again

The red and the black both are dead and are gone

No memories are there for the young

The nations they died for are dim in the mists

And only the sad songs are sung


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