That Toddlin’ Town

In Chicago, stimulus money was supposed to go for a new railroad bridge, with a lot of minority hires. President Obama touted the project, local bigwigs waxed ecstatic, and all seemed well in Chicagoland. Except that now the black community is crying foul, claiming that black workers are not getting their fair share of the jobs, one black politician going so far as to claim that the contracts were fixed. What did they expect? Of course the contracts were fixed. It’s Chicago. One Chicago politician, under indictment, decided it was better to step in front of a train than run the risk of incriminating other pols in whatever illegality they were pursuing. Chicago is the town where crooked politics were refined, if not invented, the town that embraced Obama, and whose politics and criminal mores Obama embraced. And today Washington is filled with Chicago trained politicians running the country. Yes, that toddlin’ town has made it big time.


Chicago’s toddlers know the score

Before they reach age five

And by the time they’re twenty-four

Why some are still alive

And into politics they go

The people they will serve

And stand on tracks to watch a slow

Train come around the curve

But not before the money tree

Was shaken and the plums

Fell into pockets ‘cause they’re free

And underlings the crumbs

Oh yes it is a toddlin’ town

A place where dreams are made

A place Obama’s shaking down

A place of masquerade

Where City Hall holds crooks and thieves

In offices for life

And everyone in town believes

The game is to the knife

From Kenya unto Harvard Law

Young Barack made his way

And then Chicago town he saw

And he was there to stay

Attending church with reverend Wright

And listening to his screed

And dreaming Marxist dreams at night

Of making white men bleed

And now he toddles ‘round the globe

Bowing low to kings

And kissing every bloody robe

And kissing tyrants rings

But come November of this year

It all comes tumbling down

And Barack’s thrown out on his ear

Back to that toddlin’ town


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