The Veil Of Soros

Soros the mastermind has chimed in on the European debt crisis by stating that the crisis is not an economic one but a political one, and that he has the solution to the problem. He says he has developed a model of the boom bust process that drives economics, with the implied suggestion that if the crises in Greece and Spain and elsewhere in Europe were given to him to solve all would be well. And he’s right. Soros has a knack for pulling a veil over his activities, hiding them so well he emerges after the event, whatever event he is hiding, with another hundred billion or so of someone else’s money.


In this vale of sorrows

Where man sees not his fate

He cringes at tomorrows

As closer creeps the date

When veils are torn asunder

And faces are revealed

And good unmasked as plunder

The veiling had concealed

But someone has the answer

Who can the sorrows still

Will no one kill the cancer

The veil of Soros will


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