There Will Always Be An England

There will always be an England, so long as they refrain from absorbing Muslim invaders from the Middle East. This differs England from the rest of Europe, who have, out of misplaced humanity, enthusiastically embraced the idea of national suicide. Bearded, military trained young Muslim men are flooding unimpeded into Europe, and once there are free to move about at will, selecting which country offers the most hospitality. These Muslim invaders will not wait for votes to take power, but will use force and intimidation against a supine European leadership and populace. And once Europe has been Muslimized, how much longer will there always be an England?

Kings and Queens forever reign
The Saxon to the tidal Dane
The Henrys stopped at number eight
Down to Elizabeth to date
The redcoats formed into a square
Brown Bess and bayonets to dare
From men of iron and ships of wood
For England they have always stood
But what of history you say
For that was then and not today
Where heroes are in short supply
No longer not to reason why
With apathy they sit and wait
Accepting the new Caliphate

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