The Horror Of CO2

Animal life possesses a DNA in which every cell contains mitochondria capable of converting oxygen into energy and emitting carbon dioxide as a waste product, and plant life possesses a DNA in which every cell contains chloroplasts capable of converting carbon dioxide into energy and emitting oxygen as a waste product. Animal life on Earth cannot exist without oxygen and plant life on Earth cannot exist without carbon dioxide, and neither plants nor animals can exist on Earth without the other. So when did CO2 become a poison?

The withdrawal from the Paris Accords drove the Left into a frenzy of TrumpHate. Never mind that every single one of the TrumpHating elite goes nowhere except by private jet, lives in a mansion with a huge carbon footprint and generally behaves as if CO2 were not a problem. Which it isn’t. The entire global warming scam is a vehicle for crippling the manufacturing private sector of the United States for some, a money making scheme for others, and a religion for most. The Earth has been warming for more than 12,000 years, from about the time the last ice age ended and the ice began to melt. It matters not to the warmists that Earth was so warm twelve hundred years ago that wild grapes grew in Nova Scotia or that eleventh century Norwegians were farming the fertile fields of Greenland, now under a mile deep cover of ice. Don’t the global warming alarmists understand that the greater the concentration of CO2 the greater the wheat and corn yields and thus more food for those less fortunate than they? Global warming and climate change are all of a piece with the Left’s lunatic obsession with genderless bathrooms, cultural appropriation and the denial of biology.

The haters not all DNC
There’s traitors in the GOP
Who do not wish the president do well
They fantasize of severed heads
Of smothered Trumpsters in their beds
And scream of Russians having votes to sell
The latest is the climate deal
Where all agreed that they would steal
From Uncle Sam to pay for China’s debt
To humankind for burning coal
While other countries have the goal
To lower CO2 we ain’t seen yet
Obama signed all the accords
We pay for all, we let in hordes
To take the jobs the natives will not do
Inhaling all our oxygen
That brings back the hard knocks again
Because the crops can’t breathe and turn bright blue
The mitochondria don’t care
That CO2 is in the air
And chloroplasts are quite amused
That what they breathe comes slightly used
From animals who toss it off as waste
They know the oxygen they give
As waste enables us to live
And warming ain’t the worst they’ve ever faced

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