The Changing Of The Tide

The Tea Party claimed another significant victory in Tuesday’s primaries when Rand Paul won the Republican nomination for Senate in Kentucky, defeating party regulars. The Tea Party movement is flexing its muscles. Long time Utah Republican moderate Senator Robert Bennett was defeated in his primary bid to be renominated as the Republican candidate for Senate by more conservative candidates backed by the Utah Tea Party. It takes a long time for the tide to turn in politics, a long time for voters to shift their ground, but it looks like it is finally happening. A growing number of Americans are dissatisfied with the socialist direction the country has taken over the past sixty years, and recent events have brought the realization that the good times are not forever, and that we cannot continue to assuage every real or imagined grievance, cannot continue to amass unsustainable debt. The socialist tide started flowing in with FDR, and is now at high water and about to turn around and flow back out. And the tide changer is the Tea Party.       



A rising tide doth lift all boats

It also lifts both sheep and goats

So hang on for the bumpy ride

The building’s there, let’s get inside

For power is as power does

Where is was is it now is was

We’ll throw the buggers on their ear

Thank God it’s an election year

A liberal Dem or Rhino man

We’ll kick them right out on their can

The Ship of State’s about to tack

The Tide will take our country back



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