The Past Is Here To Stay

Today is primary election day in much of the nation. Today we get the chance to start anew. We must remember that the past is here to stay, we cannot change it, we cannot revise it, we can only try to repair the damage. VOTE!



We cannot unfire the gun

Reverse the circles of the sun

The past is past and by the way

The past is here and here to stay

Elections matter don’t you see

What happens then is history

The past still says Obama won

The future may say one and done

But that is something we can’t know

For we have two whole years to go

And much can happen in that time

And world events can change the clime

A restless wave is growing now

The public will not long allow

The politics that brought us low

Incumbent pols have got to go

The Tea Party now holds the pass

A movement of the middle class

The past is here and here to stay

The future starts Election Day



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