The Coalition Of The Unwilling And The Unable

Major partners in the Obama coalition against ISIS, Turkey, Germany and Britain have said thanks but no. Among the Arab states only Saudi Arabia has said it will join up, and we all know just how much help to expect from that quarter. Will the USAF have the use of Saudi airbases? The use of Iraqi air bases? Turkish airbases? Diego Garcia? I spoke to high ranking members of the German, British, Saudi and Turkish governments and they told me in confidence that their governments are prepared to help to the fullest extent possible.

The German said that all the signs
Showed It’s but left to choose
Between the Bf 109s
And Ju 52s
A company of Volksturm gents
At ninety they’re still keen
And furthermore, it is my sense
A Type IX submarine
A Brit said they had none to go
The Black Watch was no more
The Coldstream Guards had voted no
To marching off to war
The Turk said that Obama’s words
Would strike a deeper chord
If he had said he’d bomb the Kurds
Of whom the Turks abhorred
A Saudi prince in lisping voice
Said they would bear the brunt
But given any other choice
Would not be at the front
And so it came to Uncle Sam
Alone, he doesn’t mind
He says that O’s not who I am
He’s leading from behind
And if he wants to weave and bob
Put my life on the line
I’ll just salute and do my job
And things will turn out fine
But he should know and you should know
Air power makes the sound
But for the ending of the show
It takes boots on the ground

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