Unjustified Faith

A mouth breathing liberal named Peter Beinart, writing in the Atlantic Monthly, defends the light of his life, the giver of all that is holy and wise, Barack Hussein Obama, from the critics who claim his policies are failing. Beinart and his liberal friends in the press insist that Obama is in complete charge, that his minimalist plans are so brilliant and nuanced that we rubes just don’t understand them. But we do understand them, and we do understand that Barack Obama is not the Sun God, the bringer of light, as the unjustified faith in Obama held by Peter Beinart and the hosts of the Sunday talk shows would have us believe.

The pander is a fine art
Indulged by such as Beinart
Who sees no wrong in little Barry O
Who’s swift in comprehension
No trace of false pretension
Who charges with the cry of “Tarry Ho!”
A fierce minimalism
Close to criminalism
The touching faith of Beinart and his like
Has led to fiercer fires
Described by O’s paid liars
As just a little ember not a spike
And so while O is thinking
The world around him’s sinking
But all is well, the right man’s at the wheel
The ship of state is steady
And when the O is ready
He’ll run the ship aground and break her keel

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