The Coup Has Already Happened

Today is Election Day, but the coup has already happened. Everything has antecedents, and the coup to transform the United States from a representative Constitutional republic to a warmer version of the Soviet Union began in 1968 when George McGovern, a Democrat United States senator, and former campaign manager for the communist Henry Wallace in the 1948 presidential campaign, took advantage of the chaos of the 1968 Democratic convention and the overwhelming rejection of the Vietnam War to wrest control of the Democratic Party machinery, enabling him to completely change the Democratic Party into a political reflection of himself and his leftist mentor, George Wallace. McGovern was resoundingly defeated by Richard Nixon in 1972, but it didn’t matter. Watergate saw the election in 1974 of a new Congressional class of radical leftist Democrats, where their radical leftist successors remain to this day. The election of Obama in 2008 was not the beginning of the coup, it was the completion of it. The election of Donald Trump in 2016, unlikely to begin with given the numbers of brainwashed voters indoctrinated by the leftist dominated educational system, the number of deliberately impoverished voters entirely dependent on Democrat control of the government for their very existence, and the complicity of the leftist dominated media, looks now to be a forlorn dream, and would only be a brief interruption even if he won. The coup has already happened, and the United States is now a fascist country, with the Justice Department and the IRS wholly owned by the Democrat Party. All of the federal agencies are now the punitive arm of the Democrat Party, punishing those who dare to disagree, like the religious order of the Little Sisters of the Poor, or those who displease, like Gibson Guitar Company. The entirety of the federal government now does the will of the Democrat Party, and is answerable only to the Democrat Party. It’s a shame, really. Nice country we used to have.

From 1787 to 1968
The country weathered every fearsome wind
The yeomanry of stubborn stock in each and every State
Knew very well on what their hopes were pinned
The Constitution, freedom of religion, rule of law
Were cornerstones of what the nation meant
And of the people, by the people wasn’t an old saw
And when attacked we soldiered up and went
But it is gone not to return until the next revolt
The fascists won and they have counted coup
But they’ll be gone before too long with thanks to Mr. Colt
With thanks as well to the Amendment Two

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