The victory of Donald Trump will not be gracefully accepted by the Left, who do not give up power peacefully. There is no shaking hands after the fight with the Left, there is only bloodshed. And we will see it in volumes never before recorded, as police are targeted by the black radical Left, and the threat of assassination of the president-elect and all who voted for him will be ever present.

The morning after, be prepared
Winners will be skittish, scared
Knowing that the Left will not take kind
To losing power to the rube
Deplorables who watch the tube
And who drink beer instead of being wined
They’ll not accept the great unwashed
They mean to see that each one’s quashed
Till anarchy and bloodshed both prevail
And power will stay in their grasp
And force the country kiss the asp
And die while smiling Lefties smooth the veil

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