The Cry Of The Loon

President Obama seems determined to go to war with Syria, if only because he made a threat and feels he will lose face if he backs down. He has reluctantly asked for a vote in Congress, but insists he has the authority to attack anyone anywhere without the consent of Congress, so if the Congress votes no he says he will attack anyway. Of course, he does not have the Constitutional authority to go to war without the consent of Congress unless there is an imminent threat of danger to the United States, but Constitutional authority is not something that disturbs Obama’s dreams of unalloyed presidential authority. He is at heart a Marxist authoritarian, and the checks and balances of the US Constitution do not deter him from the attainment of his Marxist goals. The other night, deep in darkened silence, I spoke to another Philly guy, Benjamin Franklin, who sorrowfully proclaimed that the Republic for which he was prepared to give his life, his fortune and his sacred honor, was dead.

The Constitution lives no more
Just reading it is such a bore
Once only Congress declared war
Now POTUS calls the tune
The Navy sails at his command
Where even Preble’s noble band
Is his to say advance or stand
As distant cries the loon
As if to mourn the scornful way
The Founders’ words are now today
Demeaned and Congress held at bay
None hear the tearful loon
For power is its own reward
By acclimation and accord
The powerful are full adored
And POTUS names the tune

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