I spoke to a senior administration official just this morning and she said the president has shown great wisdom in asking Congress to postpone the vote on Syria and has brilliantly forced Putin to back down. Nonetheless, she said, the president has the right to strike anyone anywhere at any time as the whim moves him. Whatever Congress decides is irrelevant, she insisted, though the president would welcome a yes vote if a vote is ever taken. But with Barack Obama it’s all about viscosity. And now that Obama has surrendered to Putin and called off the strike, the oleaginous White House claims of victory are oiler than ever.

It’s all about viscosity
And White House generosity
Congressional pomposity
And matters such as these
The situation slippery
He won’t act all George Gippery
Nor frivolously frippery
He’ll do as he may please
He acts in full legality
For that is his mentality
So really the reality
Postponement is a tease
Congress will not vote in this
And Putin missed the boat in this
He’s got him by the throat in this
He’ll bring him to his knees
Yes he’ll make Putin sing a song
As Putin begs to get along
And all will see Barack is strong
The day that hell will freeze

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