The Hegemonic Blues

Hegemon: a dominant power with preponderant influence or authority over others. For the first six and a half decades after the end of World War 2 the United States was a hegemon, bestride the world economically, politically and militarily. Then came Obama, with his vision of a weak and defeated United States, unable to further befoul the world with its uncouth wealth, power and culture. And he has succeeded brilliantly in his goal. Today the United States is both weak and irrelevant in the affairs of the world that once trembled at our sidelong glance. No more. Oh it was tough being the hegemon. We were not universally loved, but the bad guys shook with fear when the President of the United States spoke. The bad guys still shake when Obama speaks, but now they shake with laughter.

It’s tough to be the hegemon
He’s always getting spit upon
By those he keeps from harm and disarray
He’s hated by the very ones
Who scorn the good guys with the guns
But then demand he stop it right away
Stop what you ask and well you might
Well stop what’s wrong and make it right
And if you don’t we’ll stomp our feet and cry
They’ll cry it’s urgent so don’t wait
But they of course won’t pay the freight
And so alone the hegemon must try
It’s been like this for many years
The US drying the world’s tears
And standing guard o’er every scurvy hole
But recently he’s given up
And rattles now a big tin cup
The strong horse now is just a weakkneed foal

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