To Be Or Not To Be

Republicans are just too nice to be an actual opposition party, you know, a party that actually opposes something. The attitude of the congressional Republicans is that Obama won, and now it’s up to them to compromise and get things done, no matter that the things Obama wants done are harmful to the country. As Shakespeare put it, To be or not to be, that is the question. To be principled and fight, or not to be principled, but conciliatory, and not fight. To be or not to be.


To be or not to be, the stage voice booms out

As Boehner and Romney nod off

The curtain comes down to applause and a shout

While nearby a patron will cough

But Boehner and Romney sit fast in their seats

The audience files for the door

The play is now over, the playwright’s deceits

Now history forever more

The theater now empty and totally dark

Mitt Romney will finally stir

And wake Boehner up with a commanding bark

Demanding to know where they were

They try to get out but the exits are locked

The batteries on cell phones too low

As Democrats giggle the two men are mocked

As being too late and too slow

For to be or not, as the Bard often said

Are questions a man has to see

The question the GOP faces with dread

And always they choose not to be


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