The Darkness Or The Dawn

Obama is doing a great job of presiding over the impending demise of the United States, a demise greatly desired by Obama’s parents, Obama’s dear friends the Ayers and Reverend Wright, and by Obama himself. The left laments, with crocodile tears, the descent into mediocrity, all the while working hard to speed up that descent. But there are others who say, Not So Fast! We’re taking over.  



The light is dim and dimly seen

It’s dawn and all is quite serene

Broad uplands stretch before our eyes

The world is ours and our fair prize

Not so, come whispers from the dark

The cliff is near, the crisis stark

The light you see is not the dawn

It’s dimming now and soon be gone

The curtain now is drawing low

It’s dusk you see, a failing glow

With soon the darkness coming nigh

Where wolves will howl at blackest sky

At dawn empire claims at birth

That all can see what freedom’s worth

At dusk empire empty drifts

Through chasms, valleys, endless rifts

And chastened longs for what is gone

And knows the night won’t bring a dawn

But others, made of sterner stuff

Cry Stand Back! We Have Had Enough!

Your Keynes and Marx have always failed

We’re here to say your ship has sailed

We’ve got the helm and changing course

Tea Parties bring a new found force

The old is out, the lines are drawn

We march into the shining dawn



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