‘Tis Passing Strange

Slowly but surely Barack Obama is being recognized by the idolatrous press as the mean spirited, incompetent mountebank he is and always was. One sees stories from time to time, in places like the New York Times and other Democrat party mouthpieces, a tentative questioning of their slavering love affair with such as Barack Obama. The genesis of the idolatry was the fact that he was black, of course, but somehow in the light of the evidence that the man Obama is supremely unqualified to be President of the United States, it is dawning on such as even the New York Times that being black is just not enough.

And so goodbye to what seemed truth
To all the dreams and hope of change
To all the coolness of his youth
To think of it is passing strange
How proud so many cheered the while
He strode the world with sceptered rod
So different from the cowboy’s style
So cool and mannered, nature’s god
Who knew that fate had such in store
To see the fall of dreams so vast
To see the clothing stripped and more
To see the dream that went so fast
And so goodbye to all that was
To all the dreams and hope of change
To where we think now, why the buzz
For such as he, it’s passing strange

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