The Dream

The radical left wing of the Democratic Party has labored for seventy years to attain their dream of a socialist utopia in the United States, and seem on the verge of accomplishing it. To dream is but to live, to live is but to dream and it matters not the dream be unfulfilled, it matters not the dream be unreachable, it matters only that the dream be dreamed. At the height of the Black Death, with half their populations dead, Venice and Genoa continued to fight for control of the Bosporus and the trade of the Black Sea, for only the dream of commercial dominance was real. And so we leave Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Radical Left to their dreams, for nothing will persuade the dreamers that their dreams are not to be realized, and that, should one foolishly attempt to enter the dream, there lies only future catastrophe and generational misery.

A dream is like a river in its ceaseless flow
The dreamer carried on past flowered banks
Through deep gorged mountain passes filled with drifting snow
While smiling zealots cheer in serried ranks
Few dreamers ever reach the delta and the sea
And those who do in history have a name
They left a legacy of death and misery
And shattered nations burdened with their shame
And so we leave to all of them their fervid dreams
Of socialist ice cream and apple pie
Their dream boat taking water with its open seams
In spite of which the dream will never die

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