The Elephant And The Jackal

If the jury had convicted Zimmerman there would have been no protests, no arson, no looting of liquor stores. We all know that and understand that. We also know and understand that the people who do the looting and firebombing can stick their fingers in the eye of the law abiding public only so many times before the law abiders decide to take the law into their own hands. The elephant allows the ants to bite his ankles only for so long before he stomps on them. And when the stomping begins the country will have changed for the better.

The elephant, that silent beast
Seeks only peace and quiet
The jackal on the other hand
Seeks only loot and riot
But elephants while phlegmatic
Will stand still for an hour
When roused to act the jackals quail
To feel the awful power
Of free men who obey the law
But see the law betray them
Then fiercely take a flensing knife
To jackals and then flay them

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