You And Me

Why is it there are people who sail through life, and then there is you and me. Why do some people hit the fairway with every tee shot, but we always wind up in the rough? It just doesn’t seem fair. I can understand it happening to you, but why to me?

In bridge we play a killer card and get a ruff and sluff
In golf our tee shots land in places that are rough and tough
For some life is a fairway that plays always straight and true
Then there are fairways lined with woods just built for me and you
Not only woods but traps and bunkers lined along each side
And greens that are a long way off and seem like two feet wide
And cups that move like magic make us miss the tap in putt
And though we try and try again we never make the cut
Our every move turns out to be not worth a tinker’s dam
Our Aces all get trumped and we just never make the Slam
We go through lives of bridge and golf with people who are friends
We never win but never cry at how the damn game ends
Some people sail through life and smile a toothy jaunty grin
While others such as you and I just want one lonely win

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