The German Circle

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has consistently disregarded the outspoken wishes of her countrymen that unlimited Muslim immigration be halted, and has single handedly held open the gates of Germany to the Muslim barbarians, even though she must know that unlimited immigration of a people whose beliefs and way of life are entirely devoted to the destruction of Germany and the West. She has, in her perverse sense of liberalism, put a circle of rope around her native land and fellow Germans.

Angela Merkel
Drew a circle
And said to all, come in
The Muslims laugh
Though not the staff
Of Bundeswehr, Berlin
The circle fills
With jihad shills
Who come with guns and knives
Who smile and then
Kill young blond men
And take young German wives
The language spoke
By these new folk
Is Arabic quite soon
The circles close
Thus leaving those
Once Deutsch in darkened noon

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