Vive Le No Difference

The French have a saying, Vive le difference, but the United States today believes in Vive le no difference. Responding to a survey, an overwhelming majority of American college students said there was no difference between a man and a woman. Perhaps they were thinking in a legal sense, but I think not. The Left’s long march through the institutions, including the schools and universities, has resulted in a generation of the young and very young being brainwashed by leftist teachers and professors into believing that true is false, that the world would be a better place without the evil United States and without men, and in particular without those evil white men. People believe for the rest of their lives what they have been told in school, and the current Millennial generation is lost forever. The problem is they will be the majority of the voters in short order, and the United States as it has been known and understood for almost two hundred and fifty years will be no more.

There is no difference they can see
Between a woman and a guy
The fact that one stands up to pee
Makes little difference in their eye
The world is fine with all alike
What’s truth is false, what’s true is choice
They teach this to each tiny tyke
And tell them speak in alto voice
Now that the USA is done
With genderlessness now in place
And white men never see the sun
The world at peace except the race
By third world men to grab their stakes
And claim the genderless at large
From Mexico to the Great Lakes
Utopia with them in charge

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