Chinese Checkers

It has been revealed that vast parts of north China are a wasteland of heavily polluted land and water. The Chinese are taking advantage of the Western obsession with the pristine nature of the Great God Gaia to enrich themselves by manufacturing and mining the things the West no longer manufactures or mines for fear of harming the environment. The Chinese, of course, care not at all for the environment, caring about the bottom line being always in China’s favor. This only encourages the moonbats who believe man is a vicious despoiler of what should be a utopian and pristine earth, and in their view man should be eliminated by any means necessary. And the scam artists like Al Gore, who are trying to sell the absurd notion that carbon dioxide is killing the earth, are a bit uneasy, not wishing to offend the Chinese, the source of much of their funding, for if Al ever gets his cap and trade scheme approved Al stands to make hundreds of millions of dollars and  the Chinese stand to make many trillions of dollars.



We know the score

The great Al Gore

Thinks carbon is a killer

While other folks

Think all the jokes

Are dead as Barney Miller

Where once we laughed

We’re now so daft

Some think life should be ended

Not all of course

We’ll save the horse

But man esta delended

Meantime the Chink

In one quick blink

Has gathered all the money

So what the bees

All die with ease

They now have all the honey


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