The Sound Of Broken Glass

Small blown glass objects have been discovered in Mesopotamia in five thousand year old strata. Glass making continued to be an art craft for thousands of years until the British invented rolled plate glass in the nineteenth century, and it is this Christian invention of rolled and float plate glass that is used in buildings throughout the Muslim world to this day. For this reason, and because the Muslims seem determined to remove all traces of Western culture, civilization and technology from the face of the Earth, I propose that we begin by taking away all their plate glass windows. For starters.

I love the sound of breaking glass
I love the smell of leaking gas
The trembling Earth as missiles pass
Their shadows casting shade
I love to hear the screams and yells
The sudden bursting of the shells
As arty turns slums into hells
And no one’s hand is stayed
I love how fiercely Mecca burns
Medina, Riyadh wait their turns
And in Damascus one soon learns
The piper must be paid
I love the way the broken glass
Shines oh so brightly in the grass
With none to say alack alas
The corpse of Islam laid

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