Them Or Us

The dead and wounded in the Paris attacks are not the first Western dead in the war Islam has declared on Western civilization, but they may very well be the deaths that finally convinces the West that it cannot co-exist with militant Islam, that it is now us or them, one or the other. One of us will die and one will live, and which it will be depends entirely on the willingness of the West to defend itself and to utterly defeat a mortal enemy determined to kill us.

We’ve seen this all play out before
Seen Muslim corsairs come ashore
And kill, enslave and loot and burn
Seen Muslim armies in their turn
Destroy great cities, conquer all
The Christian dead at Allah’s call
But history had turned at last
And Muslim wars things of the past
The West ascendant, science, art
The military ripped the heart
Out of the Muslim feeble breast
And laid the Muslim threat to rest
A brother we could never be
We are the Other Muslims see
And so they waited, knowing well
That Western weakness would foretell
The rise of Islam once again
The question not an if but when
The when is now, the time foretold
To gather all in Allah’s fold
They press us searching out for fear
They kill us for the time is near
The Caliphate will soon be born
Despite the deaths that surely warn
Of coming war unto the death
It’s them or us till final breath

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