The Left Will Always Be

The Left has been in the driver’s seat in the United States for close to 80 years, and in Europe for longer than that. The hard Left, Communism and Fascism, is gone, and the soft Left, the Democratic Socialism of the Western Europe, is on its last legs, ironically at the very time the Left in the United States is doubling down in its attempt to duplicate the leftist paradise they think they see across the Atlantic. But thankfully the past election has changed all that. The Left has been repudiated, and the United States is about to change course, to smaller government and greater freedom for its citizens. But the Left will never give up its dream of ruling us all as they see fit. The Left will always be with us.



The Left has had its run

And while they’ve had their fun

The rest of us were facing wrack and ruin

The lefties didn’t care

They acted debonair

And smiled and said hey partner how’m I doin’

But now it’s at an end

There’s no more dough to spend

They’ve buried us far deeply underground

But unrepentant still

The Left says pay the bill

We’ll get it right when next time comes around



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