The Octopus

Occupy Wall Street has about run its course, having committed suicide by its tactics and radical left behavior.  But that’s all right, they served their purpose in the grand left wing strategy to destroy the United States.  The octopus that is socialism, anti-capitalism and radical environmentalism has many arms, and Occupy Wall Street is only one of them.



The singular of octopi is octopus

The singular of occupy is occupus

If pus is what you get when sores get bad and weep

A putrid occupus you get when notions seep

Into the public consciousness and grow like mold

Until the filth assumes a glitter soft as gold

Proponents of this noxious vapor seem so kind

They claim that fairness is the goal they seek to find

If killing all the one percent will bring about

That happy day then how could anyone then doubt

That socialism is the way men ought to live

And those who have it now will surely have to give

Whatever they’ve acquired in a lawful way

To those whom fortune smiled not on their natal day

The Goddess Gaia speaks and speaks to only us

The we of many arms. We are the octopus



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