The Party In Bahstin Hobber

Tea Party candidates are leading the way to a wave election that will swamp the Marxist Socialist America hating Democrats in a tsunami of votes. Way back at the beginning of March in that faraway year of 2009 I posted here some verse calling for a Tea Party. I don’t know if the term was used before then in connection with the then building political climate six weeks into the Obama administration, and do not claim authorship of the idea, but I will say that if a single post in Verse-afire started this fire then I rest content.



The first tea dumped in Bahstin Hobber

Turned George the Third into a sobber

We’re lining up the Dems to clobber

We’re taking back our land

We don’t like mosques next to Ground Zero

We like good Sarah she’s a hero

The Times and Post say she’s a Nero

Who leads a clinging band

Of nuts for guns and class sedition

Who’ll lead us all to black perdition

I’m kind of liking that rendition

The bum’s rush being fanned

The tide has turned and those who’ve ruled us

For many years and think they’ve fooled us

Are learning now that we’ve been schooled thus

We’re on to something grand



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