Behold A Pale Horse

The four horsemen are riding in this country, but they are not named War, Famine Pestilence and Death. No, not those guys. The horsemen this time call themselves the Tea Party, and they are riding a political tsunami that intends to cast out the old power hungry political bulls and change the politics of this country for the next couple of generations. And they are led by a lady on a pale horse.



Behold the four horsemen

Note well the steed pale

To Irish the Norsemen

Debarked in Kinsale

To others the four

Are the riders of death

Who slay by the score

With the stench of their breath

But now there’s a new

Set of riders astride

Steeds of quite different hue

And they ride them with pride

And their names are not Famine

And Sickness and War

The first one a gamin

Named Beck and there’s more

There’s Angle and Haley

And Jindal of course

And Sarah quite gaily

On the lead Palin horse



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