The Wager And The Glory

The wager has never been, Is there a God? The existence of God has always been a given, whether named Marduk, Zeus or Yahweh. No, the wager has always been, Is God on my side? For if God is on our side, then all is possible, but if God is not on our side then nothing is possible. When Christian Europe came out of the Dark Ages, they wagered that God was on their side, hence all was possible, and produced a civilization unmatched in the history of man for science, art, philosophy, music and law. They wagered on glory, and ruled the world. But the leftist ruling elites of Europe and the Anglosphere now wager that not only is God not on our side, but that there is no God, and consequently nothing is worth dying for or even living for, and they have turned their countries over to outsiders. Glory is gone, replaced by apology, indifference and defeatism. A people or a nation may experience a temporary spate of glory, whether of a thousand years or a thousand days, but when it is over it is over, and not likely to return, for glory, while exhilarating, is exhausting, and history is replete with the names of the exhausted husks of the once glorious and gloried.

The peak of glory passes, and is never to return
It passes all unnoticed as the rot begins to burn
The smart set still holds parties while the politicians sleep
The while the country trembles as it heads into the deep
When gone it’s gone forever, as of glories gone before
As Babylon and Britain found the glory is no more
So too do tribes and nation states fade slowly out of sight
For glory lasteth but a day, from dawn to darkest night
The mighty armies march no more, yet ghosts may still remain
The chariots of Hittites passing dimly in the rain
The billowed sails of Nelson driving ships of mighty oak
While on a hill in Darien the sea to Cortes spoke
Yes glory is ephemeral, and yet the stories live
For glory is its own reward, and is but God’s to give