The Temple Of Adonis

Barack Obama, who sees himself as a modern and better looking Adonis, began his reign with a temple built to his glorious likeness, an empty space with Styrofoam columns.


The Temple of Adonis

High bestrides a hundred hills

And overlooks the harbor of our souls

It gathers up the rising sun

Whose glory it fulfills

And shines like beads of argent glowing coals

And yet upon inspection

One observes the truthful jest

That shining columns made of Styrofoam

Hold up the tinseled structure

In a manner that’s at best

An unsound way to build yourself a home

The Temple of Barack Adonis

Four years newly built

Is trembling in the gentle ocean breeze

And silent waves that creep ashore

Eat at the founding gilt

And Styrofoam foundations shake their knees

The blow will come as tempered winds

Gain strength in days to come

And fissures in the structure start to show

While columns made of Styrofoam

Move slowly out of plumb

And roof and walls of shoddy start to go

The Temple of Barack the Great

Whose builders claimed would last

Beyond the lives of man a thousand years

Is coming down and coming down

And coming down right fast

To weeping women crying false lashed tears






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