The World Is Nuts

Political Correctness is driving the world nuts.  In England, they have appointed a man in charge of education whose stated goal is to make all university degrees equal, that is a degree in hairdressing is equal to a degree in physics.  And yes, in England you can get a four year university degree in Beauty Spa Management. Feminists argue that abortion, for whatever reason, is a woman’s right because women are paid less than men, but that aborting, that is, killing unborn baby girls because the mother wanted a boy is wrong.  Why is one reason for abortion moral, while another reason for abortion immoral?  Why should a degree in hairdressing be the equal of a degree in aeronautical engineering?  Who decides these things?  These things are not so much decided as part of the collective wisdom of radicals now in charge of western civilization, and that collective wisdom is called Political Correctness.  And PC rules.



The world is nuts

No ifs or buts

It’s PC rules

For redneck fools

And races byed

So all are tied

Where brains all count

A like amount

And talent’s hid

At PC’s bid

So dorks won’t scream

At lost esteem

Where beauty’s lost

Because the cost

Of brilliance may

Bring into play

The wicked thought

That talent ought

Not be dispersed

To best and worst

Without regard

To working hard

To pay the price

To roll the dice

To get ahead

What’s right instead

Is all must share

We must be fair

And who shall see

These things will be?

Do not ask who

It won’t be you



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