Japan is a “Just in time” society. Everything must work like clockwork in order for it to work at all. So when a disruption occurs, as just happened with an earthquake and tsunami, everything grinds to a halt until “They” can get it fixed, They being the authorities. The United States is not yet a “Just in time” society, but soon will be if Barack Obama succeeds in making us into another failed European socialist state. To the question Why would anyone want to turn the country into a failed state, the answer is Power. Power to control peoples’ lives. The Left, in the person of Barack Obama and others like him, desire power above all, for only then can they assuage the deep down insecurity that comes with knowing you’re not very smart and could not possibly succeed in a merit based society.



How comforting to know that They

Are there to help us on our way

To heal our bodies, mend our minds

To fix disasters of all kinds

To wait with patience ‘til we see

That They know more than you and me

But thinking ‘bout it let me say

That being ruled by such as They

Is Heaven’s way of showing us

That somewhere we have missed the bus


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