A Weekend In Rio

In the midst of a world-wide crisis, President Obama has set a weekend vacation in Rio with his family and suggested that Americans can think about helping Japan while filling out their NCAA basketball tournament brackets. Japan is reeling under earthquakes, a tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people, and a nuclear reactor meltdown spewing radiation into the globe circling winds, and his first thought is basketball. Protests and violence erupt in the Middle East, Kaddafi is about to crush the rebels trying to oust the murderous dictator, and Obama goes to Rio to see the sights. The current and hopefully one term president of the United States is unfit to hold the office, is unqualified to hold the office, and January 20, 2013 can’t come fast enough.



Kaddafi kills with guns and bombs

Brave kids who he now slaughters

Obama thinks of Viet Nams

And then with wife and daughters

Heads off to Rio for a lark

And lends them no assistance

For he’s afraid he’ll light a spark

Creating more resistance

He likes guys like the Saudi king

He likes to be a pal to

Tough guys who let him kiss the ring

And say who he can bow to


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