This Is Not About Me

“This isn’t about me. This isn’t about politics.” – President Obama on Monday in an online conference with progressive bloggers, urging them not to lose heart. “We’ll get it done,” he said, and by getting it done he meant the destruction of the finest and most innovative medical system the world has ever known. Senator Jim DeMint, Republican, South Carolina, predicted President Obama’s health care plan would be his Waterloo, referring to Napoleon’s defeat by Wellington at Waterloo in 1815. I think Senator DeMint is wrong. President Obama has not yet lost his base. He and they are still dangerous to the economic health of the country and the physical health of its citizens.   



It’s not about me, he said with a smile

It’s you I am looking out for

You know that my words are quite absent of guile

And my heart weeps for those who are poor

Unable to see a physician when pained

From lack of insurance and such

And answering those who say what’s to be gained

I say that we gain Midas touch

For money will pour into Treasury’s lap

From savings my health care will bring

And bountiful funds from my carbon tax cap

Will blossom the country like Spring

I know there are some who say I’ve over reached

They say that my Waterloo nears

Some say that by acting I’ll soon be impeached

But friends I shall be here for years

I’ll not make mistakes others made in the past

I’ll not have my army retreat

Beyond 2016 my office will last

And victory will taste oh so sweet

An Emperor will take what he wants and he’s got

An army of zealots to boot

And I with my very own Count Bernadotte

Will have a whole country to loot



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