Onward And Upward

The dials on the Debt Clock update the out of control spending at an alarming rate: the national debt; US spending year to date; social security year to date; US government bailouts year to date, and so on. The numbers are staggering. The Obama administration has saddled uncounted generations of Americans yet unborn with massive debt, a great deal of it to pay off his union buddies. Vice President Biden has recently said, “We have to spend money to get out of debt.” This is Alice In Wonderland, except we won’t be going through a looking glass, we’ll be going through economic Armageddon. But I have a solution. Gertrude Stein famously said she and her friends in Paris in the twenties supported themselves by taking in each others’ washing. I believe we can sell our pets to each other for huge sums, thereby jump-starting the economy, leading to higher taxes, and thus paying off President Obama’s debts and not leaving them to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.   



A dog was for sale for a million

No offers came in and so that’s

Why the owner gave up and called Lillian

And traded for two of her cats

One cat was named Miles ‘tother Standish

Five hundred thou each was the price

A half a mil each seemed outlandish

But Miles was especially nice

The notion soon gained wide acceptance

That selling one’s pets for huge sums

Was the way to get out of the debt stance

And see that economy hums

And so Spot and Fido were sold off

For sums that astonished them all

And pretty soon all debt was told off

And kitties were now put and call

The market chimed in and the Dow Jones

Climbed fast and soon saw record heights

As doggies who only could chew bones

Were sold for their barks not their bites

The collapse when it came came most quickly

As shaggy dogs found their way home

And owners, some pleased and some prickly

Got out the dog brushes and comb

It all ended up in our favor

It ended up nice as you please

With an ending one really could savor

With the bag being held by Chinese



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