The Surge

In his speech Tuesday night at West Point, President Obama said he was sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, repeating the successful surge of 2007 in Iraq. He also emphatically stated that we were in the Afghan war to win it, but only if we win it in the next 18 months, because after that we’re coming home. The thought of actually fighting someone, even in a must win war, has many Democrats anxious, fearing, as they do, that someone might get hurt.



The Afghan surge has now become

A source of major angst for some

Who worship at the feet of O the one

The Left for whom a war is fraught

With many horrors they had thought

Were safely buried now that they had won

But Barry O has other plans

He’ll strike the tribesmen and the clans

Because the Afghan war is win we must

He knows the left cannot complain

And so he surges the campaign

In motion ‘cause he knows the war is just

The speech though you’ll be pleased to hear

Will cause the lefty base no fear

For they all know we’ll soon bring home our men

The president, with stern iron will

Will surge our soldiers up the hill

Then turn around and surge them down again



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